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Can I still bring a discrimination claim against my former employer if I resigned?

Do I have a right to take time off for a cultural or religious holiday if the day is not recognised as a public holiday?

There are many religious or cultural holidays observed in Australia that are not recognised as public holidays. This may mean that employees are wanting to take leave so that they can participate in a religious or cultural celebration or event

Do I have to work on a public holiday if my employer requests me to?

Do I have to work on a public holiday if my employer requests me to?

While an employee is not obliged to work on a public holiday an employer may make a reasonable request for an employee to come in. When requesting that an employee work on a public holiday, employers need to consider all relevant circumstances.

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I think that I was underpaid in a former job, do I have any rights?

Recently, there has been significant media attention on underpayments and ‘wage theft’. This may have led many employees to reflect on whether they were underpaid in previous employment. This leads to the question, are employers able to recover underpayments from former jobs?

User Guide to the Fair Work Act

This is your best guide to the complex Fair Work Act. It makes navigating the act easy.

Accessing the Law

Lots of laws apply to you

Multiple laws will apply to your individual case.

Fair Work Act 2009 - protection and compensation

Find out how this Act influences your case.

Dealing with misleading conduct by your employer

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 limits the way employers can conduct themselves.

Court Links

Find a useful list of courts and institutions which may be involved in your case.

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