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I am on WorkCover and my employer has proposed to transfer me to another position with reduced responsibilities and pay. What can I do?

If your employer attempts to alter your role without genuine reason it could be a breach of section 340 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) insofar as your employer has taken adverse action for a prohibited reason.

I am being bullied on social media by my colleagues, what can I do?

I am being bullied on social media by my colleagues, what can I do?

It is common to interact with work colleagues on social media, but these interactions are not always friendly. If you are being bullied or harassed on social media by your colleagues, you may be entitled to lodge a stop bullying claim with The Fair Work Commission, under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).



Should I engage a professional support person?

Should I engage a professional support person?

By engaging an experienced support person, an employee gives themselves the opportunity to ensure the meeting proceeds reasonably and in accordance with law.

User Guide to the Fair Work Act

This is your best guide to the complex Fair Work Act. It makes navigating the act easy.

Accessing the Law

Lots of laws apply to you

Multiple laws will apply to your individual case.

Fair Work Act 2009 - protection and compensation

Find out how this Act influences your case.

Dealing with misleading conduct by your employer

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 limits the way employers can conduct themselves.

Court Links

Find a useful list of courts and institutions which may be involved in your case.

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