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Which States’ Workers’ Compensation Scheme applies if I am injured outside of my home State?

It is commonplace for employees to be required to travel interstate as part of their work.  As a result, you may have been injured in the course of your employment whilst outside of your home State. Such injury typically gives rise to Workers’ Compensation entitlements, however, the identification of the relevant State law can be problematic in such circumstances.


Can I have concurrent leave entitlements?

It is common that couples, either one or both of them, will take unpaid parental leave when expecting a new addition to their family. In order to take unpaid parental leave, you, as the employee, need to give sufficient notice to your employer.


When is a restraint of trade clause not reasonable?

Generally speaking, a restraint of trade clause refers to an instance where one party agrees with another party to restrict a person’s right to carry on their trade or profession. Every case is different; restraint of trade clauses can vary depending on the nature of the agreement between employer and employee and the nature of the business of the employer.

User Guide to the Fair Work Act

This is your best guide to the complex Fair Work Act. It makes navigating the act easy.

Accessing the Law

Lots of laws apply to you

Multiple laws will apply to your individual case.

Fair Work Act 2009 - protection and compensation

Find out how this Act influences your case.

Dealing with misleading conduct by your employer

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 limits the way employers can conduct themselves.

Court Links

Find a useful list of courts and institutions which may be involved in your case.

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