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How do I know whether my employer’s decision to make my position redundant is lawful or genuine redundancy?

WorkPac v Skene [2018]- Am I still a casual employee if I work full-time hours?

Whether you will be classified as a casual employee will be determined by assessing the true nature of your employment relationship.


left a well-paying job for a new role, but am now being made redundant

I have left a well-paying job for a new role, but am now being made redundant. Do I have any legal recourse?

Even when a redundancy can be proved to be genuine, there may still be legal recourse in circumstances where your employer engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct.

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I’ve just put in a workers compensation claim and have been fired – what are my rights?

It is unlawful for an employer to dismiss an employee because the employee has made a claim for workers compensation. Read on for more information.

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I have been told that I have breached a duty of loyalty, what does this mean?

If you have been accused of breaching your duty of loyalty, it is important to seek legal advice to assist you in understanding the sources and scope of this duty.

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My employer has decided not to renew my fixed-term contract. Do I have any legal recourse?

There are certain circumstances where employees on a fixed-term contract are entitled to bring forward an unfair dismissal claim. If you feel discriminated against, read on.

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Do I have the right to request a flexible working arrangement?

From 1 December 2018, modern awards include new rules about requests for flexible work arrangements.



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My company has lost a tender for a project I was employed under, am I entitled to a redundancy?

When an employee is hired for the purpose of a particular contract, loss of that contract can often result in loss of job, without redundancy.

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I am dealing with family and domestic violence and it is impacting my ability to effectively function at work. What can I do?

Changes entitling employees to take unpaid family and domestic violence leave are in effect from 1 August 2018.

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Implications of the landmark Klooger v Foodora decision

In a landmark decision, the Fair Work Commission has determined that food-delivery rider Josh Klooger was an employee at Foodora, not an independent contractor. The implications for the gig-economy are only just playing out, but will be inevitably far-reaching.

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Can I be dismissed for having a relationship with a colleague?

Relationships in the workplace are inevitable and often harmless to a business, however in some cases, dismissal may be justified.

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Increased rights for long term casual employees from 1 October 2018

In a decision on 9 August 2018, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) finalised and proposed a model casual conversion clause to be included in all Modern Awards from 1 October 2018.

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