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Can I take back my resignation?

Typically, an employment agreement exists between an employer and an employee, whether it is an oral or written contract. Employment terms can otherwise be found in awards or enterprise agreements.

Resignation is a termination of the employment agreement at the initiative of the employee.  A resignation will be valid where there is an unequivocal intention by the employee to no longer be bound by the employment agreement. This is best effected in writing and with appropriate notice as required by the agreement or industrial instrument.

sick at home

My employer expects that I work from home whilst on sick leave – what can I do?

My employer expects that I work from home whilst on sick leave – what can I do?

In today’s economy, employers constantly strive for higher productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Whilst this is critical to the success of the business, it may often have a detrimental impact on its employees where this push for productivity impinges on the workplace rights of employees.

performance revie

Are performance reviews mandatory?

Most employers will have a system of annual or biannual performance reviews designed to create a routine forum for feedback and performance appraisal.  Performance reviews are not strictly required by law and some employers may choose not to have a formal process of appraisal at all or may use some alternative to the classic yearly ‘sit down’ approach.

User Guide to the Fair Work Act

This is your best guide to the complex Fair Work Act. It makes navigating the act easy.

Accessing the Law

Lots of laws apply to you

Multiple laws will apply to your individual case.

Fair Work Act 2009 - protection and compensation

Find out how this Act influences your case.

Dealing with misleading conduct by your employer

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 limits the way employers can conduct themselves.

Court Links

Find a useful list of courts and institutions which may be involved in your case.

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