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Can I cash out my annual leave?

Can I cash out my annual leave?

Under certain circumstances, employees may be entitled to ‘cash out’ excess annual leave instead of taking time off.


parental leavev

I’m a soon-to-be dad – can I take parental leave?

It is common practice for pregnant women in the workforce to take maternity leave for an unpaid period of up to 12 months. However, it is often forgotten that men are equally entitled to take paternity or partner leave.

Male employees frequently encounter resistance when seeking to exercise their workplace right to take parental leave. This resistance largely stems from archaic societal expectations of gender roles, where men were traditionally considered the ‘breadwinners’ and women were considered responsible for looking after the children at home. As our society continues to evolve, it has become conventional for men to play a more active role in raising their children and exercise their workplace right to take parental leave.


Can I take back my resignation?

Typically, an employment agreement exists between an employer and an employee, whether it is an oral or written contract. Employment terms can otherwise be found in awards or enterprise agreements.

Resignation is a termination of the employment agreement at the initiative of the employee.  A resignation will be valid where there is an unequivocal intention by the employee to no longer be bound by the employment agreement. This is best effected in writing and with appropriate notice as required by the agreement or industrial instrument.

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